Jews of India
A detailed article discussing the Jews of India. The article covers the history, the various divisions (Baghdadis, Bene Israel, Cochin, and Bnei Menashe Jews), eminent Indian-Jews, culture and more.

Jews of India Genealogy Project Initiated by Nissim Moses
Nissim Moses' Genealogy project traces the heritage of many Bene Israel community members. This ever growing database contains thousands of names and photographs.

India's Jews: Surviving Against the Odds
This article discusses the history of the Jews of India and current lives of Jews of India.

India’s Bene Israel
An essay describing a visit with the Bene Israel community in India.

The Last Jews of Cochin: Jewish Identity in Hindu India
A paper discussing the above book.

India's children of Israel find their roots
An article about a 4 year long DNA study that was conducted on 4,000 members of the Bene Israel community in India.

Brief history and a description of the Malida ceremony
An overview article providing a brief description of the Jews of India and the Malida ceremony.

The Jewish Traveler
This site contains valuable information about Jewish locations to visit while in Mumbai (Bombay).

Directory Listing of Links to Sites in Hebrew
Collection of links about the Jews of India in Hebrew.

Indian-Jewish Congregation of Eilat
This site is in Hebrew. It contains a collection of links about the Jews of India.

Salaam, Shalom: The Jews of India
An article discussing a documentary movie made by Filmmaker Vanessa C. Laufer about the Jews of India.

Jews in India - By Aharon Daniel
This site provides a detailed look at the Indian Jewish communities in India.