Indian Jewish Congregation of USA

The Indian Jewish Community has been having its own religious services for the High Holidays since 1995. Members have been coming to attend the services from LA, Boston, New Jersey, Minnesota and other cities. Done in the traditional Indian fashion as was the practice in Bombay, India

The IJC of USA was started in 2005, primarily to provide help and support to the Beth El Synagogue in Panvel, India. This synagogue, which was built in 1849, suffered heavy losses during the monsoons in Bombay in 2005. It lost all of its six Sifrei Torah. The ark was destroyed and the Bima suffered some damage. Fortunately, the building was intact. The IJC took upon itself the task of replacing at least two Sifrei Torah. With the help of the members of the IJC, the Indian Jewish community in the USA, other institutions and individuals outside the Indian Jewish community and Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, two Sifrei Torah were sent to the Beth El Synagogue, which are now being regularly used by the community.

It was then felt that these activities should be carried a step further. It is now the task of the IJC to accomplish the following:
  1. To have a permanent place of itís own for conducting religious services for the Indian Jewish community. At present the Village Temple on 12th street in Manhattan is being rented out since 1995. It was felt that the community should meet at least twice a month in a central place preferably in Manhattan for lectures on Torah, teaching the culture and tradition of the Jews of India to the second and third generation Indian Jews.

  2. Conduct religious classes for the community.

  3. Conduct socio-religious meetings to celebrate the other holidays including Purim, Passover, Shavuous, Chanukah and Simcha Torah and other festivals.

  4. To conduct Shabbat services starting with Rosh Chodesh services.

  5. Start a monthly news letter to inform the community of the activities of the community.

  6. To organize religious and spiritual excursions to provide time for spiritual discourses and meditation.

  7. To participate in the Israel Day Parade and make our presence known in the larger Jewish community

  8. To solicit funds from other Jewish organizations to support these activities.

  9. To ensure that the Indian Jewish culture traditions and mode of religious service are continued.

  10. Support Jews in India by providing scholarships, education, healthcare and support for various synagogues in India.