Genealogy of the Bene-Israel Community

This project was initiated in 1999 by Nissim Moses. Originally Mr. Moses was set to develop his own family tree, but slowly as data rolled in he became more ambitious. He sought information which could link his family’s tree with others in the community. Although there were several individuals maintaining their individual family trees, there were no interconnections among the individual trees. In addition, those who did develop their family trees had overlooked a very important family tree data aspect such as family names and the traditional chain of names used by the Bene-Israel, the parentage of the wives & daughters of the community. Therefore, this could make the linking very difficult while tracing the ancestry between two different sets of trees.

This project certainly would have not reached its current stage without the active and dedicated contribution & support of people like Dr. Samuel and Naomi Aptekar, Nurith Divekar, and many more.

This data base has been donated to the Bene Israel Heritage Museum & Genealogical Research Center in Mumbai (Bombay) who are currently making a concentrated effort to make this information available on the web so as to enable other BI's to interactively access & contribute to the available database. The database records holds more than 11,500 names, several thousands of photographs and several hundreds of biographical write-ups of the achievements of the individuals of the community. All information is strictly positive in nature & no medical or personal data has been recorded or will be available in this database. The sources of the information are from the individuals themselves or family members in case of the deceased or that is freely available in published data or on the Internet. Every effort has been made to protect the privacy of the person on the family tree database.

We encourage members of the Bene Israel community to participate in Mr. Moses’ project by submitting your relevant genealogical data. Submit any information you managed to gather for incorporation into the Communal Family Tree.

You can use the forms below to help you get started in building your family tree. You are also encouraged to submit any photographs you may have. Group photographs are fine as long as the person is clearly visible for a bust picture extraction.

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Nissim Moses’ contact information is as the following:

Nissim Moses
Tel.: 972-3-9219521
Fax: 972-3-9219521

Below you can find couple of sample family trees. Click on each image to view the complete family trees.

Ancestors Tree of Florabelle Nissim Moses Talkar:


Ancestors Tree of Jaffa Lael Daniel Umerdekar: