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Nissing with a Sefer Torah173 viewsDuring one of the hakafot.
Nissim Holding the Torah Scroll196 views
Ben and Nissim Holding the Torah Scrolls179 viewsDuring the 2009 Simchat Torah celebration
Shaar-E-Rahamim487 viewsThis synagogue is located in Be'er Sheva. Interior front view.

Photographs taken by Abraham Moses Talkar of Beersheva & collage stitched by Nissim Moses.
The Red Synagogue in Pune (Ohel David)1032 viewsExterior view of the Red Synagogue, also better known as the 'Lal Davel' (Red Synagogue).

Photo courtesy of Nissim Moses.
Standing in Front of the Heichal736 viewsNissim Moses and Ezra Moses standing before the Heichal at Shaar Ha Shamaim synagogue in Thane.

Photo courtesy of Nissim Moses.
Mikve of the Shar Ha Shamayim synagogue in Thane826 viewsCollage of Pictures that shows the Mikve of the Shar Ha Shamayim synagogue in Thane, India.

Photo Contributed by Jacob Malyankar - Collage done by Nissim Moses.
Former and Current Israeli ambassadors at the Golden Jubilee Celebration240 viewsPictures show the ambassador of Israel his Excellency Mr. David Danieli, Mr. Ephraim Doweke the first ambassador of Israel, Mr. Nissim & Mrs. Beatrice Moses.

Photo contributed by Nissim Moses.
Serah Benjamin Cutting Her Birthday Cake256 viewsOur community's oldest member, Serah, celebrates her 83rd birthday by cutting her birthday cake. Her son, Nissim, assists in the cutting.
Group Photo at the Malida Ceremony333 viewsFront left, Erna Daniel. Front right, Serah Benjamin. Serah's birthday was also held the same day as the Malida for Susan Moses. Serah is our community's oldest member. Rear (starting from the right), Benjamin Samson, Nissim Benjamin (Serah's son), Sam Daniel and Ben David (whose camera we used to take the Malida photos).
Presentation at Jamia Islamia Lilia University in New Delhi530 viewsIndian Jewish community activist Nissim Mose giving a presentation about the Jews of India at the Jamia Islamia Lilia University in New Delhi.
Unveiling of the Ten Commandments Tablets656 viewsUnveiling of the Ten Commandments Tablets – Donators Beatrice & Nissim Moses & Noreen & Romiel Daniel.

Photo courtesy of Nissim Moses
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