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David Singing to the Audience512 viewsSinging at dinner time.
Noreen Pulling a Raffle Number391 viewsAnd the winner is...
Yaffa Calling Out a Raffle Number390 viewsBig Win!
Regina Wins A Prize384 viewsWe have another winner!
Baby Luck!461 viewsOur next winner is...
Kids Participating344 viewsCall out our next winner!
David and Joe464 viewsPosing for the camera.
Picking a Ticket295 viewsFor a winner during the raffle.
Julie Accepting a Prize292 viewsFirst winner at the raffle.
Julie and Baby174 viewsSaying hi to the camera.
Romiel, David, Joe and Lael178 viewsAt the Simchat Torah 2012 celebration.
Getting a Blessing171 viewsReceiving a blessing from George.
David and a Young Member166 viewsDuring the Hakafot.
Joe Holding the Sefer Torah148 viewsJoe holds the Sefer Torah during the hakafot.
Ben Reciting a Prayer229 viewsAfter one of the hakafot.
Nissing with a Sefer Torah167 viewsDuring one of the hakafot.
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