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I am a non-Indian Jewish male seriously dating a Hindu who is in the process of converting (orthodox) to Judaism. We have been seriously discussing marriage and I would like to find out more information about how we can include Indian traditions into a religious Jewish wedding. The challenge is that I want to make sure we are not including anything Hindu in the ceremony while still having an Indian element. Is it possible to do that? Or are all Indian traditions too intertwined with a Hindu origin?

Thanks in advance for your response! 

Welcome Yoel.

You might be able to include Indian elements in your Chuppah design.  Here's a picture for reference:

The thing is that a canopy similar to the Chuppah is also used at Hindu weddings (the canopy is called Mandap), so I'm not sure if you would consider an Indian-themed Chuppah as incorporating Hindu traditions.

You can also include Indian design elements in the overall design of the wedding.  For example, flowers, napkins, etc. can include the red color, which is the color associated with weddings in India.

In addition, the henna ceremony and the turmeric ceremony is something that's practiced by Jews in India, and you might be able to incoporate that into the wedding day or pre-wedding days.

Also, in the Bene Israel Indian Jewish community, the groom sings a special song "Yonati Ziv" to welcome his bride to the chuppah.  It is sung in Hebrew with an Indian motif.

I hope this helps... Best of luck in your wedding preparations.   :)

Let me know if you'd like any additional information.


Last month the Indian-Jewish Congreation of USA participated in the Great Jewish Wedding event at the UJA of NNJ. You can check out the photos from the event (plus a short clip of Yonati Ziv that Evelina mentioned) at the below link:

Also, the bride can wear a sari-styled wedding gown. This organization's president can certainly help guide you if you want to.

Thank you both for some great ideas... I will look into them all. Thanks again... I really appreciate it.


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