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My daughters Bat Mitsvah is approaching and our Rabbi - of a US Conservative synagogue suggested that we could add in some prays from Beni-Israel community of my mother if I knew any. I'm afraid I don't know that much but do remember when I was in India on Friday along with the candle lighting and bread there was a blessing to go along with dates and bananas - I was told it was to have a fruit  from a plant that lives long and one from a plant with a short life. Does anyone know what this blessing is?

Thank you

im from israel, from the Beni israel.
first let me wish your daughter for her Bat Mitzva.
Congratulations !!!
the blessing for the dates is : Barock atta h'shem aloheyno melech ha'olam boree peri ha'etz.
the blessing for the banana's is : Barock atta h'ashem aloheyno melech h'olam boree peri h'adama.

i hope, i did help you.
Shabat Shalom.

Thank you thats very helpful. My daughter will be the first young woman in my family to make Bat Mitsvah. My mother is Beni- Israel from Karachi though her family originally from Mumbai and I don't think girls took part in that much. If there is any other aspect of Shabbat specific to Beni-Israel I would love to know and include it in our family practice.

Thank you again


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