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Title: Indian Jewish bollywood stars
Post by: 1028avya on May 18, 2006, 08:03:10 PM
I need to know the names of indian jewish  bollywood strars

Title: Re: Indian Jewish bollywood stars
Post by: ABS on June 02, 2006, 09:36:52 PM
Veteran Hindi movie actor David Abraham Chelkar (1908-1982) was a member of the Bene-Israel Jewish community of Bombay, India.
Other Bene-Israelis who rose to prominence in the India movie industry include Nadira-a half Baghdadi Jew, Sulochana alias Ruby Myers (1907-1987), actress/dancer Helen, actress Susan Solomon alias Firoza Begum, and noted film journalist Bunny Reuben.

Title: Re: Indian Jewish bollywood stars
Post by: jewsofindia on June 06, 2006, 10:11:05 AM
Additional information sent by Nissim Moses regarding contributions of the Jews to the indan film industry:

Screen NameReal NameActed in Film
Firoza BegumSusan SolomonBewafa Qatil
Prem Veer
Din Raat
Bhagta Bhoot
Circus Girl
PramilaEsther AbrahamMother India (1938). NOTE: Also was 1st Miss India (1947)
SulochanaRuby MeyersAlam Ara
EliezerAlam Ara
ErmelineAlam Ara
Patience CooperBilwa Mangal
AzurieJawani ki Hawa
Naya Sansar
Kamlesh KumariKapal Kundala
Dharti Mata
Joseph David PenkarScreen & Script WriterAlam Ara
Ezra MirChief of Govt. of India Documentary Film Dept.Keertans
Sitara, Yasmin & Zarina
DavidDavid Abraham CheulkarDraupadi
Boot Polish
NadiraFarhat EzekielAan
Shree 420
Bunny ReubenFilm Journalist & CriticDirector/Producer - Ashick
Solomon Moses WakrulkarFounder Director/ChairmanBombay Film Laboratories Pvt.
Judah Solomon KurulkarProducer/Film CriticJoruka Gulam
Benny Nathan SatamkarFilm Musician
P. IsaacCameraman

Reference - BUNNY REUBEN

Title: Re: Indian Jewish bollywood stars
Post by: ABS on June 09, 2006, 12:14:07 PM
Below are links to articles I found online:



Title: Re: Indian Jewish bollywood stars
Post by: ABS on June 17, 2006, 06:12:55 PM
See attached file below for more info about the contribution of Indian-Jews to Bollywood. Forwarded to me by Romiel Daniel.

Title: Re: Indian Jewish bollywood stars
Post by: boomrang on July 30, 2006, 10:20:40 AM
i just learnt yesterday that zeenat amman was also part jewish

Title: Re: Indian Jewish bollywood stars
Post by: ABS on January 12, 2007, 04:09:18 PM
Found this info at the below link (forwarded to me via e-mail):

Hooray for Bollywood:

About Joseph David, the Bene Israel Jew who wrote and produced the first talkie in Bollywood.                             

India has a thriving film industry. For example, Bengal (the home of Satyajit Ray's famous films, such as the trilogy starting with The World of Apu); South India, especially Kerala; Maharashtra State, Rajasthan and the Punjab all have their own large, thriving film industries. Bollywood, however is the best-known aspect of it in the West, and seems to be the most popular among the Indian expatriate community.

Bollywood is centred in Bombay, or as it now is, Mumbai, (perhaps now it should be called Mollywood,) and churns out about 800 films a year in 12 languages. Financed by interest rates of 40 to 60 percent and with a dozen-odd studios working round the clock, producing several films at any one time, all in the same studios, as well as some of the stars working on up to ten films simultaneously, ''churn'' seems to be the operative word. Clearly it is not a place for painstaking method-actors or -actresses.

In the first talkie in Hollywood, a Jew, Al Jolson, merely starred in it, but in the Indian film industry's first talkie, Joseph David (DE’s grandfather), wrote the story, the music and co-produced it.

The film Alam Ara is a swashbuckling tale about a power-struggle between two queens of an ageing king, and the daughter of an imprisoned loyal general, the Alam Ara of the title. It was based on Joseph David's popular play written in Persian, and performed by his Parsee Theatrical Theatre Company and produced by Wadia Movietone. According to The Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema, "Alam Ara established the use of music, song and dance as the mainstay of Indian cinema."

He went on to write and co-produce many other films for Wadia Movietone, including a series of  stunt movies, the first being Hunterwali, (The Lady with the Whip), about a super-heroine, the Indian equivalent of the superheroes and heroines, such as Batman and Wonder-woman in Western cinema. Incidentally the leading lady in these films was a Jewess from the Ukraine, called Nadia. The Jewish connection does not end there. The Bombay Film Laboratories, which processed most of the films made in Bombay at that time, was started by a Jewish solicitor called Moses Solomon who happened to be the grandfather of another of our contributors, Sophie Jhirard.

Alam Ara had an interesting brush with history. An actor called Master Vithal was the leading man. The studio that he left to join Wadia Movietone, Sharda Studio, sued him for breach of contract. The lawyer who successfully defended him was Mohamed Ali Jinnah, the founder and first president of Pakistan.

A moving tribute was written by J.B.H.Wadia, one of the Wadia brothers who owned and ran Wadia Movietone which appeared in the Times of India in 1966. He pointed out that it was due to David Joseph’s extreme modesty (not an asset in this industry) that he did not receive the full recognition for his pioneering work and for his importance in the Indian film industry. -- Anthony Kerstein & Danny Ezekiel

Title: Re: Indian Jewish bollywood stars
Post by: ABS on October 14, 2007, 01:40:01 PM
Update sent by Nissim Moses:


Title: Re: Indian Jewish bollywood stars
Post by: kaustav12001 on October 16, 2007, 09:17:40 PM
Dear Mr. Moses
The information you sent regarding the contribution of the Indian Jews in Bollywood is indeed something that really warms up one's heart. I am pleasantly surprised to know that so many of our Jewish co-citizens have made their debut in a very important segment of our culture and economy. The more we know about these facts, the better we understand the diversity of India. I wish the Community Chag Sameach in this festive season.
Kaustav Chakrabarti